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Bands for Arms Staff Working Around the Clock to Make/Ship Bracelets

 Hello Bands for Arms fans,

I wanted to provide everyone an update on the status of their bracelet orders over the past couple months. 

As we at Bands for Arms try to continuously convey to our customers and supporters, your bracelets are made solely by volunteers and in a time of extremely high demand, there are instances where orders are delayed or take longer than expected to arrive. We know how much you want to show your support to our cause and assure you that we appreciate your support as well as your patience. We want you to know we continue to work fervently to get orders shipped out and have been extremely busy at making and shipping bracelets since Christmas. Please take a couple minutes to read the message below from the Bands for Arms leadership and know that we are dedicated to getting you your products as soon as possible. Thanks again for being so great and having such patience with us!

Hey there Bands For Arms fans,

We know all of you have been anxiously awaiting your Bracelets to arrive, but currently we are still working non stop on all our November and December orders. In all honesty, The Sandy Hook Bracelets have kept us behind in the production of Bracelets, exceeding the 10-12 week period, for over 1000+ were ordered from Dec 14th - Dec 31st. We only have few hands helping make these around the world who have volunteered their time in helping the victims of Newtown CT. Please understand that we are trying to rush to get your orders finished and didn't expect November and December to be our most busiest months. We appreciate everyone's generosity during these months, seeing the Bracelets that have to be produced. Again, I apologize for the delay in the production of the Bracelets, but they are being made as of now if you haven't received your order from the Nov and Dec timeframe. (We will keep posting this status update from time to time as a reminder until all of my November and December holiday orders have been made) Thank you again fans and supporters for your patience!

- Nick III