Remembering....18 Years Later

I wanted to take just a couple minutes and remember the brave heroes we lost on September 11, 2001. While the tragedies that occurred on that day will never diminish, we have learned through struggle and even pain that we can grow stronger and closer than ever before.

We will never forget those we lost on that day, nor will we forget those we continue to lose in our struggle to ensure freedom and security around the world. While the attacks on our homeland may have been several years ago, the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi was but one year ago, and we must continue to be cognizant that freedom is not free and that people risk their lives for our freedom every day. 

To those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guard, civilians, contractors, firemen, policemen, paramedics, and good, strong people who continue to keep us all safe - Thank you. It is because of you that we at Bands for Arms are able to do what we do. And it is because of you that we strive to continue to do what we do. To honor and bring awareness to our veterans and those protectors of our great nation.

May you have peace on this night, may you feel loved, and may you remain safe throughout your duties until you are relieved.

- Nick III