The Guard Bracelet

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The Guard Bracelet, made with Navy dress blue uniforms, a ceremonial uniform, traditionally worn during funeral services

The Guard Bracelet was designed in 2012, placed on standby for a while now since interacting with The Patriot Guard while in Sandy Hook CT, delivering funds raised from The Innocence Bracelet to benefit the families and victims during the holiday shooting. This Bracelet was created for a couple reasons, #1 to honor the victims lost during the tragedy in the Boston Marathon and #2, for the act of the Patriot Guard continuously guarding against the Westboro Church, who are planning to be up there in Boston MA to picket over the 3 Americans who died during the bombings. Nick honors and respects The Patriot Guard for this and many other honorable acts of kindness for our troops that have given their lives for our country. For our American Veterans in The Patriot Guard, this was an honor to make. This is a very meaningful Bracelet for Nick to release, to honor both those we've lost yesterday and for those injured in Boston, but more so, to honor the Patriot Guard for such noble acts dedicated to our country.