About Bands For Arms

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Founded January 8, 2010
Bands for Arms, Handmade Bracelets made out of old, donated military uniforms. Bands For Arms first began by a Bracelet donated to Nick Mendoza III, made from 17 Marines uniforms, by an outcasted Marine Nick met in 2007
Welcome to Bands for Arms, whose mission is primarily focused towards all United States Military Services Members. Bands For Arms will donate 50% of the sale price supporting military non-profit organizations, to help raise funds to continue a bridge of communication with their loved ones. Communication with Sailor, Airmen, Coast Guard, Marine or Soldier with their loved ones back home, is the primary goal and mission of Bands For Arms. Each personal Bands For Arms bracelet has a uniform piece from a service member, incorporated within the bracelet.
With each Bands For Arms bracelet, you will receive a small description of the service member who provided their piece towards the Bracelet.
Who We've Supported
  • The USO Japan since 2010
  • The USO Stuttgart Germany since 2011
  • The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum since 2011
  • The Marine Toys For Tots Foundation since 2011
  • The Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief Fund since 2011
  • The Moffitt Cancer Center since 2013
  • The USO Greater JAX FL since 2011
  • Wounded Wear since 2013
  • The Better Life Foundation by 3 Doors Down since 2013 
  • The National WWII Museum since 2011
  • Operation Homefront since 2013
  • The Gary Sinise Foundation since 2013
  • Trees For Troops since 2012
  • The Fisher House Foundation since 2012
  • Project Lifting Spirits since 2010
  • The Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation since 2011
  • The National Breast Cancer Foundation since 2012
  • The Sandy Hook Elementary School Relief Fund since 2012
  • The Arizona Memorial since 2012
  • The Aurora Colorado Relief Fund since 2012
  • YourMomCares since 2018
  • WhedonCon since 2018

Every Bands For Arms bracelet is hand crafted in it's own creation, so none are identical or made the same, making each one unique and personal.

All Bands For Arms Bracelets are handmade by military service members, dependents and civilians who volunteer their time in making this project happen! We are currently behind on Bracelet making with the B4A volunteers due to unexpected deployments that occurred in August 14. We are working on our January '14 & February '14 orders at this time and we apologize for the delay. Bands For Arms has the right to refuse sales or services to anyone. Generally most wait times are 10-14 weeks from the time of order, depending on the Bracelets ordered.
Please Note, All Sales Are Final on all purchased items. 
Questions & Concerns: Contact bandsforarms@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: Bands For Arms is not affiliated with the Department of Defense, nor is it affiliated with any US military branch of service.