Play The In Store End of Month Birthday Mystery Bags

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*Please Note: A Bands For Arms Gift Card may not be used to purchase this item

Try your luck at our End of Month Birthday mystery Bag Contest to celebrate Bands For Arms Owner, Nick III’s 39th Birthday, September 30th! Each bag will have one of the following prizes!

130x Bags have been put together for this contest and 50% of each bags sale price will be donated to The USO, to help and support our military and Veterans with their superb service 

- 1x Common Funko Pop & Your Choice of any Common Funko Pop found in the Bands For Arms Shop

- 1x Exclusive Funko Pop

- 1x $100 Bands For Arms Store Gift Card (4x Hidden)

- 1x $50 Bands For Arms Store Gift Card (6x Hidden)

- Mini Grand Prize, Scrappy Doo Funko Exclusive Pop

- Mini Grand Prize, Big Yella Ad Icon Funko

- Mini Grand Prize, Loch Ness Monster Funko

- Mini Grand Prize, All 6x Haunted Mansion Pops (Not GITD MaDame Leota)

- Mini Grand Prize, Captain Spaulding

- Mini Grand Prize, Diamond CHASE Eeyore

- Grand Prize, Lime Green Sour Patch Kid