The Air Force Veteran’s Bracelet

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Made with various current and past Air Force uniforms

on July 21, 2018, Nick finally received his first Air Force PT uniform in a uniform donation box by a TSgt William Casey. This is the first time Nick received an Air Force PT uniform and has been waiting since he began Bands For Arms on January 8, 2010, for someone to donate it to complete an idea he had for a design, much like The United Bracelet, but only using Air Force uniforms. This Bracelet is constructed from Air Force desert cami, woodland cami, dress blues, PT shorts, Dress Blue button down shirt and ABU’s. The first 25 ordered will be made from the 1st patchwork constructed, from MSgt(RET) VanArsdale, TSgt(VET) Casey, TSgt Enoch and SSgt(VET) Bustos, who have all donated their uniforms in the past.

The original patchwork first cut will be sold and framed to the buyer wanting it (A Bands For Arms Gift Card will be not be honored for the first cut piece)