The CGC Graded 1.5 Daredevil #1

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A CGC graded 1.5 Daredevil #1, donated by Stan Lee’s Comic Shop for the purpose of fundraising with 100% of the sale price returning to Suicide prevention programs for active duty and Veterans 

Item & Condition:

Page quality: Cream to off white

Daredevil #1. Cover pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Bill Everett. First appearances of Daredevil, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson in The Origin of Daredevil, script by Stan Lee, art by Bill Everett (splash page penciled by Jack Kirby); Matt Murdock saves a blind man from an oncoming truck but is struck blind himself by a radioactive canister during the rescue; The radioactivity heightens Matt's other senses and gives him an uncanny radar sense; Matt graduates college and begins practicing law with his college roommate Foggy; Matt's father, a boxer, is killed by the Fixer after he refuses to throw a fight; Matt designs a costume and a billy club (from his cane) and takes his derogatory childhood nickname "Daredevil"; DD tracks down the Fixer and the man who shot his father. Spider-Man and Fantastic Four appear on the cover but not in the story inside. 36 pgs. Cover price $0.12.


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