The Godmother Bracelet

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Made with Nick's working white uniform buttons

Designed and made for Nick's dying Godmother, his Auntie Earlie, who he hasn't seen since he left for the Navy in 2006. Discovering on Saturday, September 16th, 2017, that she has one week left to live, told by her doctors to the family, Nick was just distraught and couldn't believe the news he received about his Godmother. He wanted to design this Bracelet for her to wear until she passes away from this earth, and to be buried with this Bracelet. The sea animals symbolize Nick's time in the Navy, serving overseas most of his career away from his family and designed in a wrap like fashion, to symbolize that Nick will always remember her life and what she meant so much to him, when wrapped around her wrist. There is one black bead in this design and that is to symbolize the her sickness when passes away.