The IED Explosion Painting, A Bands For Arms Artwork Piece

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The IED Explosion Painting, 22" x 28"

Made with donated Marine Corps woodland camis, with Nick cutting the uniforms into pieces and pulped through a pulping machine to create the canvas

This painting is one of three, designed by Nick, made on pulped uniforms as the canvas

Designed and dedicated to Nick’s friend who made Nick his first bracelet out of 17x Marines uniforms. The explosion symbolizes Nick’s friend’s death in Afghanistan on August 23, 2009, killed in action in a Humvee, along with other Marines in the vehicle. Originally painted for Veteran’s Day of 2017, Nick held back on releasing this painting because it was hard for him to release such a crucial image that changed the course of his life. Nick learned through the weeks and through the months after this painting was made and through counseling, that holding how to the terror, holding on to the bad memories, will continue to affect Nick emotionally for losing such a great friend. It’s best to let things go in peace and to honor his friend’s life as much as he can. Nick released this painting on February 2, 2018, The day that America honors Navy SEAL, Chief Chris Kyle and his best friend, Chad Littlefield, on Chris Kyle Day

*Painting may not be purchased with a Bands For Arms Gift Card