The Lone Sailor Bracelet

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Made with Navy working white uniforms

Created and designed based off an inspirational Navy sculpture, created by Stanley Bleifeld, for the United States Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C, of a lone Sailor awaiting with his duffel bag for his ship to arrive.


The Lonely Sailor

by Brian Robinson

The lonely Sailor's name is whispered across the wind A gentle and mysterious wonder beckons him It is an island in the distance that pulls upon his heart The water is cold, unforgiving and dark
There is a flash of his lonely life as he gazes into its depths So into the water he dives for there is nothing else left The frigid waters punish his body and soul He thinks, “This water is no different than my life I just left”
Stroke after stroke draws him closer to the island that holds his great wonder Again the gentle voice calls out the Sailor’s name He stops and gazes at something shimmering above the waves
Before him is an island of magnificent grandeur Its sands are made of velvet crystal splendor Standing upon its shores his loneliness starts to fade He wonders, “Could this be the end of my lonely days?
In the distance is a beautiful lake The mysterious voice calls him to that place Arriving on its shore he sees a great sight Water of magnificent sky blue Giving off beams of radiant light  

In the middle of the lake is an island shaped like a tear The sailor screams “can this water wash away all my fears?” The voice calls out “Come here to this island shaped like a tear.”
He dives into its warm and soothing waters It is sweet, calming and mild His soul starts to fill with the magic he knew as a child  

Onward he swims

Each stroke shedding his soul’s angry fire Until reaching the island of his heart’s desire  

Then he beholds a wondrous vision Sitting before him is a mermaid of legend Hair of silk, eyes of pure softness, and a face full of compassion An aura of love, a beauty beyond comparison  

He falls to her feet and begs “can you take away all my pain?” She reaches down and pulls him into an embrace He gazes into her eyes and feels a true love with no traces of pain
A rock of the ship disturbs him from his slumber Fading away is his beautiful wonder He reaches out one last time and gazes deep into her eyes "Don’t leave me” he pleads She smiles loving and fades away

Returning back to the land of dreams