The Maryina Bracelet

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Inspired by Nick's High School Drama Teacher, Maryina Herde
Made with a service member's uniform button During Nick's high school time from 1994-1998, Nick was a victim of being bullied with many students attending El Modena High School in Orange CA. Everywhere Nick would walk on campus, he would get cussed at, thrown items like rocks and food at him, he would get locked in a bathroom and be named called. Throughout his four years in high school, Nick sought two classes that inspired him to continue and move forward through school, music and drama. Nick developed depression from being made fun, causing an insecurity with himself and not trusting anyone new that he wasn't familiar with. Due to his depression, he didn't care about his weight, how he looked and had thoughts about attempting suicide. It was by his music class and drama class where he could escape and hide from the many students that bullied him, building a self character and goal to work towards. Maryina Herde, Nick's high school teacher, helped developed Nick's outgoing character that we see today. By her lessons and how to express himself through another character from a musical or play, Nick was able to be more social and outgoing. Nick often looks back at his past and understands what today's children and teens feel when being bullied. Maryina was played a large role as one of his mentors and cannot thank her enough for building a part of his character that became a major part as the background story of Bands For Arms.