The Navy’s 244th Birthday Painting, A Bands For Arms Artwork Piece

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A Navy inspired painting, designed by Bands For Arms Owner, Nick P. Mendoza III, painted on October 12th, 2019, for the Navy’s 244th Birthday, with 100% of the sale price used to support the various military non-profits Bands For Arms supports

The anchor represents Nick’s time in service in The United States Navy. The two different shades, gold and black, reflects Nick’s life during and after his service. The gold defines his military pride for our country, shining with a distinct glow so all can know how proud he was in uniform. The black represents Nick’s darkest moments during and after he left the Navy, losing many of his friends to their own personal struggles with PTSD, taking their own lives. The anchor is not held by a chain, sinking into the water, symbolizing Nick’s life now, sinking away the bad thoughts and memories, hoping one day the burden can leave his mind. The wrapped inscription around the anchor represents Nick’s mind. The word, “Know” symbolizes Nick’s momentum to not stop learning about his mental illness and to learn as much as he can so that he can save himself and save others dealing with similar mental struggles. The word, “Hope,” symbolizes Nick’s wish that he hopes he doesn’t lose another Veteran friend that he served with and hopes that by opening up about his journey of suicidal healing, depression and anxiety, see him and know that it’s ok to ask for help, destroying the stigma of people suffering from mental illness

*Painting may not be purchased with a Bands For Arms Gift Card