The Tracy Pellegrino Bracelet

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Made with Navy utility pants

Designed and inspired by Nick's theater coach and wife of actor, Mark Pellegrino, movie director Tracy Pellegrino. Tracy met Nick while attending the Minneapolis MN Supernatural convention during dinner with actors Mark Pellegrino and Travis Aaron Wade. It was there Nick found an interest in acting, following Travis's path and transition out of the Marine Corps into acting. Nick discovered that Tracy was an acting coach and taught at Playhouse West in Los Angeles. Nick jokingly said to her, "if ever I need lessons I'll contact you. I'll bring you cannolis if you coach me." When Nick started his Fall semester of school, one class he enrolled in was Acting I for his major in theater arts. Of the many assignments, a monologue was to be performed. This is when Nick contacted Tracy for help, because he wasn't learning much from his class. There, with her husband Mark, both Tracy and Mark took their time out of their busy schedule and coached Nick. Nick is very appreciative of Tracy, not only coaching Nick, but giving him advice on how to become a well diverse actor.  Nick still owes Tracy a batch of his homemade cannolis for helping him.