The United Bracelet

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Made with Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine uniforms

In 2010, the first designed Bracelets designed by Nick and his volunteers were made of hemp cord, beads, uniforms and buttons. Nick didn't know how to sew, nor was taught how to use a sewing machine. It wasn't until May 2010 when Nick received an Air Force uniform from an Senior Airman Adam Turcotte, delivered from the states to Japan where Nick was currently stationed at the time. Nick's friend and Marine, CPL Riley Hamel, who was on Nick's Bands For Arms Staff as his business advisor. Riley then took the Air Force uniform and had Nick purchase his first sewing machine at the bases NEX. Both Nick and Riley had no clue how to sew, but Riley, luckily with his mother teaching him a few basics of sewing while he was a child, remembered a few steps in sewing. The day they purchased the sewing machine, Nick had to work at his part time job that evening in the Commissary's bakery as the base's cake decorator. Riley met up with Nick at the bakery that evening and turned the bakery's break room into a sewing room. For hours on, Nick and Riley practiced over and over how to sew, until about 3am when Riley stitched together a design incorporating the uniforms Nick had on hand, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and his newly owned Air Force uniform. It was an alternating pattern of uniforms used. Nick then took the pattern and angled it and ironed on a uniform strip, sewed the pattern uniform piece to it and called it The United Bracelet, uniting all the military branch services together, thus designing Nick's first sewn Bracelet.

Nick's first designed Bracelet